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Chronology of Works

I've been releasing music since 1999, when I first started to put my four track recordings together on cassettes. Between 2002-2012 I ran the Quiet Records label putting my music (and some other people's) out on CDr. My music has also appeared on other labels and compilations. You can hear tracks here or via soundcloud although a true chronology can break down, I upload new tracks periodically and seem to have broken (for now) with the notion of 'official' album style releases. This page is not an exhaustive list (one day I'll sit down and catalogue everything) but a pretty good document of my artistic activity. I used to include web links as part of this list, but on revising this webpage so many of the links were broken or going to odd (possibly malicious) domains through redirects that I decided to remove them. Such is the temporary nature of the web.

In reverse chronological order:


The Lark is my Morning Alarmer - a sonification of the dawn chorus, another ambient webpage experiment

Markov's Thesaurus - text-score for mixed voices. Collaboration with Juxtavoices (premièred at Sheffield General Cemetery Chapel 23rd Sep)

Syrinx, the Transfiguration of Donald Trump - generative webaudio experiment using twitter data

Singing Wikipedia - choral sonification of wikipedia (part of my PhD portfolio)

Song Derived from a Song - an infinite John Cage webpage

Nochevkoy - a nocturnal web composition

Ephemeris de la Lune - sonification of the moon (part of my PhD portfolio)


Troy Ounce - sonification of gold prices (part of my PhD portfolio)

Singing in the Wires - a sonifcation of the national grid (part of my PhD portfolio)


Landscape – experiment in ambient web pages

Recording accepted to Janek Schaefer's foundsoundscape (http://www.foundsoundscape.com)

Guardian Weekend Remix - electronic manipulations of the Juxtavoices choir for CD release and live performance, August 2015

2 scores for Closet Music displayed at the The Proud Archivist, London, September 2015


The Ballad of Bank Street installation of live street microphone and multichannel delay, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, May 2014

Nightscape - Athene Noctua - piece for Sound Junction 2014


Sudoko Portrait - response to artwork by Geriant Edwards in Pure Data code - part of the Out of Context 'In Response' book, edited by Rachel Smith, published by Bank Street Arts

Landscape - multichannel installation as part of 'Out of Context' group show, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, Aug-Sep 2013

Soundtrack drones for The Drive, photos by Andrew Conroy, Poem by Simon Armitage. Part of The motorway service station as a destination in its own right show.

5 text scores published in the Closet Music book

Playing the Weather System, algorithmic installation based on BBC weather feeds, Network Music Festival, Birmingham, Feb 2013.


Twelve Ttwweellvvee Tttwwweeelllvvveee... - installation piece as part of 12x12x12 at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, Dec 2012

The House of Secret Histories - two installation pieces as part of Karen Harvey's historian in residence project at Bank Street Arts. ,Sheffield, May 2012


The variety of a system is the total range of its outputs, Installation for The Engine Room: A festival celebrating the life and work of Cornelius Cardew, Dec 2011

Soundtrack for Breath and Heart a video work by Jeamin Cha

...Takes...Down...Will...My...Heart...., piece for Catalyst 2, collaboration with Bank Street Poets, Bank Street Arts , Sheffield, July 2011

Speaker Plants, installation part of Quadraphonic group show at Bank Street Arts , Sheffield, May 2011

(Sounds For) Post-Hoc, collaboration with Bryan Eccleshall and Angelina Ayers, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

Speaker Plant, installation in Listen Up! group show at CADS, Sheffield, April 2011

A+B, installation at Bank Street Arts, April 2011

60 Second Drone Piece for Unpleasant Over Drones at Resound, Falmouth, 2011


The Singing Wires of Point Reyes - piece for Sound Junction, Sheffield University Dec 2010 - latterly featured as a Sonic Journey on thespace.org

Gently Tinkling in the Distance - installation in Minutae group show at Bank Street Arts - Dec 2010

Listening to the Building - installation work at Bank Street Arts Nov-Dec 2010

Memories of the Waves at Big Sur - piece for Sound Junction Concert, Sheffield University May 2010

Music for Accountants - installation work exhibited as part of the 'Over to You' show at Bank Street Arts March-May 2010

6am Amtrak Horns - piece for the Location, Location exhibition at Stramash Space - March 2010

Shimmering - soundtrack to a site specific work installed at Portland Works by Rob Brown (also played as part of Sound Fjord's Sonic Arts Jukebox) - Feb 2010

Speaker Hang - installation at PRISM #5 - January 2010


Talk and Learn #2, track on the Slightly Off Kilter label's Honest Music For Dishonest Times #6 zine, March 2009

Playing the Weather - installation at BLOC space 6/2/09

A Distant Beach in Landlocked Sheffield - writing and music for 'Adventures' tape by GHOSTS January 09

Earlier Works

'229, 294, 306, 337' (Octoberman Recordings, 2006)

'Talk and Learn' Track on Sensitive to Light Compilation (Octoberman Recordings, 2006)

Retrospective Compilation (Self Released CDr, 2006)

A New Years Improvisation With Appendix (Quiet Records, 2006)

'Peppermint Tea' Track on Munkyfest Compilation 7 - 2005

Blind Phase (Quiet Records, 2005)

SK and VL and Nice New Chord, two tracks on Afterglow Compilation (Octoberman Recordings, 2005)

Five Note Trick, Track on Munkyfest Compilation 6 - 2004

Three Lines, Track on Munkyfest Compilation 5 - 2003

Loop Music (As Schopenhausen, Quiet Records, 2003)

Uranium EP (Quiet Records, 2003)

Four Ambient Pieces (Quiet Records, 2002)

Song for an Up North Girl #2, Track on Munkyfest Compilation 4 - 2002

Like the Falling of a Building Track on Keiths Kompilation (Keith Records, 2001

The Longest Days, The Shortest Nights (Self Released CDr, 2001)

Fear of the Number Thirteen (Self Released Cassette, 2000)

Dressing Down (Self Released Cassette, 1999)

Home Made to Fall Asleep To (Self Released Cassette, 1998)