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Installations - Landscape

Landscape was installed as part of the group show Out of Context. For a sound work using field recordings, being out of context is a given, as all sound recordings are removed from their original context simply by the act of capturing them.

I took recordings taken on Corfu to construct an artificial landscape in the gallery. The piece consisted of two oscillating parts. A dayscape - featuring circadas, birds and a spectacular recording of goats being herded up a mountain side. And a Nightscape, with the calls of the little owl (Athene Noctua), cats fighting and car engines in the distance all set against a backdrop of crickets and circadas.

Edit: The Radio 4 programme on bird calls 'tweet of the day' made me realise that it was more likely I had recorded the scops owl.

The installation was played over a quadrophonic system, with the various elements of the landscape triggered according to a aleotoric compositional scheme and moving around the four part soundfield to produce and immersing surround experience.

Whilst each iteration of the installation's day and nightscapes would be different, this recording gives a flavour of the sound of it:

Landscape - stereo mixdown