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Installations - The House of Secret Histories - Bank Street Arts May 2012

In 2012 Karen Jackson began a redsidency at Bank Street Arts as historian in residence and started a number of colloborations with other residents at the gallery, leading to a final exhibition of work influenced by her research into the historical uses and residents of the buildings where Bank Street Arts now sits.

For my installation I developed ideas of reanimating the past, playing with the idea that long lost sounds that would have been common in and around the building could be reinjected into the space. Various sound effects, including period street scences with braying horses amongst more domestic sounds such as footsteps, were played at random through a hidden speaker under the floorboards (the mute picture below conveys the space the sounds were heard in, if not the sounds themselves).

A second work took readings the letters written by writer in residence Angelina Ayers and replayed them over an 8 speaker array in the main gallery, randomly cut together aiming to desribe the fragmentary nature of the information they contained.